April 8, 2013

Are Bulk Stores Worth the Membership Fees?

Sometimes I think I should get a Sam's Club membership.  I'm all about buying in bulk to save money.  But I just can't make myself pay the membership fee.  My parents have a membership and go quite often so whenever I need anything I just ask them to pick it up and I pay them back.  I have compared prices to Aldi's and I only purchase it at Sam's if I know its cheaper. 

This is a list of items that I purchase in bulk from Sam's Club on a regular basis:

Parmesan Cheese - We go through a lot.  I was buying a container everytime I went to Aldi.  This is one time that name brand in bulk is cheaper than Aldi's brand.
Body Wash - Store Brand
Benedryl - Store brand
Laundry Soap - Store brand
Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner
String Cheese

**Diapers and wipes - Store Brand - Thankfully both my girls are potty trained so I no longer need to purchase these.**

I've noticed that the majority of items aren't much of a savings.  One of the reasons that I want to buy something in bulk is for less packaging so there is less waste, but I've noticed a lot of items at these stores are multiple units of the same size item that I would purchase at any other store.  Therefore, its not saving any packaging material by buying in bulk.

Do you find that bulk stores are worth the membership fees?

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