April 7, 2013

April Savings Challenge Update #3


So my challenge for the month of April is to add $150 to our Emergency Fund and save an extra $150 to apply to my student loan payment.  This has been a weird month financially because we haven't even been paid in April yet.  We are still going off of March's budget.  So hopefully this will help give me some extra wiggle room, because I am going to need it.

Mr. Ripples and I each decided to put $20 from our personal spending money back into the joint account to put towards this goal.  I just cleaned out my change jar and was able to wrap $11 in change that is also going towards this goal.  So far we have been able to save $51 out of the $300 in extra savings for this month.  17% of the way to making my goal!

We don't get paid until Friday and I'm hoping to come in under budget in a few areas. So I might be able to add to this amount.

On top of this savings challenge there are a few extra bigger expenses that I forgot to account for this month. 

School Pictures: $75 I already paid $47 of this, but still need to pay the rest.
Local Pool Membership for Little Ripples: $65 I wouldn't normally buy this since my mom has a pool, but the day camp that Little Ripples is going to this summer is taking her to this pool once a week so it makes sense to just buy her a membership
Gymnastics for Baby Ripples and Little Ripples: $112: I could wait until next session for this if I don't get the money saved up in time for this current session.  Little Ripples just finished her bowling league for the year so it might be nice to take a few Saturdays off to do some fun family things before jumping into another commitment.

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