March 24, 2013

Why does my house use so much electricity?!

According to my electric company, out of 100 similar houses, we are #100 in electric usage.  The Home Energy Report AEP Ohio just sent me says that we use 145% more than similar homes and that is costing us an EXTRA $1039 a year in electricity usage.   I really don't understand it.  No matter what changes I make, it doesn't seem to change the fact that we use a lot of electricity. 

The majority of our appliances are between 1 and 3 years old.  I always buy energy star appliances when they are available.  We keep the heat turned down to 66 degrees.  I have 3 energy saving powerstrips that will cut the power to all the peripherals when the tvs and computer are shut off.  And recently we installed 2 motion sensing light sockets for the play room so the kids can't leave the playroom lights on. 

I don't get it?!  The electric company offers a free home energy audit but won't do one for us because we live in a condo.  It's very frustrating. 

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