March 19, 2013

Financial Goals for 2013

I have 2 major financial goals this year:

1. Add to our emergency fund to get it to 6 months of expenses.  We are close, only need to save another $1400.

2. Pay off my student loans.  Again, we are almost there, I only owe another $2230. 

I think it is very realistic that we will meet these goals and one major incentive I have is that I promised myself and my husband that I wouldn't plan anymore vacations until this is done.  I really want to plan something for our 9 year anniversary in October (Yikes! I definitely feel like I'm way to young to have been married for 9 years!)  And I would like to take a family vacation to Disneyworld.

When I first decided on these goals they seemed a lot more out of reach.  We've made some great progress since the first of the year so I guess I should add saving for the above mentioned vacations.

3.  Save $3500 in a travel fund for an anniversary weekend away and family Disney vacation.

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