March 18, 2014

Spending Update and Coupon Scores

Out of our Extra Misc. Spending Money, I spent $13 for Big R's year book and $16 to add lunch money to her account.  We have $81 in extra spending money to last us until March 28th.

I went to Giant Eagle on Sunday to get some coupon/sale match up deals. Luckily I took my coupons in with me because I found some really great deals that I hadn't realized I could get just by looking at the flyer.  Here's the highlights:

  • 3 boxes Kellog's Cereals for $9 - 3 70 cent off 1 box coupons that were then doubled.  I should have paid $4.80 for the 3 boxes ($1.60 each) but for some reason the Raisin Filled Frosted Mini Wheats only rang up as $1 instead of 3.  So I ended up getting all 3 boxes of cereal for only $2.80 or $.93 each!) 
  • Pepsi Cubes 2 for $12
  • 3 boxes Quaker Soft Bake Oatmeal Squares $2.50 per box - 3 $1 coupons, only paid $1.50 per box
  • Fiber 1 Brownies $2.50 - $1 Coupon, paid $1.50 per box
Total for Giant Eagle - $27.58 (I saved $21.52 - almost 44%!)

I also stopped at Aldi's.  Didn't find any extraordinary deals but I got stuff for lunches: yogurt, string cheese, etc.  The normal basics: milk, bread, cheese.  And lots of fresh produce.  Total Spent: $63.92

Mr. R also spent $5 at Acme.  Not sure on what though.

Money left in the grocery budget: $72 (This needs to last until payday on March 28th.)

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