March 8, 2014

Saturday Financials

I'm a day late.  But since this wasn't a pay week there isn't much going on in my financial world right now.

  • Rolled change adding $11 to our savings
  • Forgot to pay the daycare bill.  I pay for the full month.  Monday I forgot to pay it.  Then they called because Little R had diarrhea and I had to pick her up early.  Tuesday she didn't go to day care.  I dropped her off Wednesday morning but didn't realize I forgot to pay again until I was already at work. So on my way in to pick her up, I dropped the check in the payment box on Wednesday.  Sure enough there was a note for me hanging outside her class room.  They charged me a $25 late fee.  I haven't paid it yet.  Gonna see if they take it off our bill.  I mean whenever I have an overage they never give me a check back right away, they just apply it to the next bill.  And this is the first time I've ever been late.
  • Spent way too much on groceries again but for a good reason.  I'll be doing a separate post on that one.
See, it was a boring week financially.

1 comment:

  1. A boring week financially is a good thing. Hopefully they adjust the late fee, since you are a regular customer.