January 31, 2014

Friday Financials 3rd Paycheck Edition

I love Love LOVE 3 paycheck months!
  • My paycheck was a little over $100 more than usual thanks to not having any insurance taken out.  Mr. R's check was nice too, not sure why though. (I have a feeling they put all his vacation pay on this check, which means next check will be 1 day short.  Super annoying.)
  • For some reason this month Netflix charged us $8.51 but I can't figure out why.  It's always just been $7.99.
  • $43 left over in the gas budget, $2 left over from food budget, and $2 excess bowling money is moving to savings
  • Paid off the credit card from the big car repair bill last month
  • Paid $255 on my student loans.  This should bring the balance down to around $800!!! So Close!!!
  • Added $260 to each of my savings funds: car, ef, vacation.  We have a total of $701 in each savings fund, our goal for 2014 is to reach $4,000 each. $9897 left to go! (That's close to $900 per month that we need to save. January has been amazing for savings but we do not normally have this much extra money to move to savings.  Saving $900 a month will be tough but I know we can do it!)


  1. Wow, super positive month all around! I too had a 3-check month. It's awesome to get them this early in the year.

  2. I miss getting paid biweekly. Great job on the savings!