April 8, 2013

The Beginning of My Walk on the Green Side

I really really really want to be that mom.  The one that has all natural organic snacks on hand with home made healthy baked goods for breakfast.  The one that doesn't use any harmful chemicals to clean and makes their own all natural lotions and gels.  The one that recycles and doesn't use 3 or 4 little plastic baggies to pack one lunch. The one that has home remedies for colds, coughs, fevers and other minor ailments.

I've read a lot about it.  I even have carried a list in my purse for months of all the items I need to buy to make my own household cleaners and even home made mouth wash.  I've researched herbal remedies and almost bought supplies a couple times.  I've spent hours reading and reading but none doing, until recently.  Hey, its a start.

This is where I will be recording my triumphs and failures in My Walk on the Green Side of life.



  1. I can so relate to this!! I have such lofty goals of how I want to be very green and stop eating processed food and not be wasteful and live more simply and on and on and on. :) What I've finally found some peace with, is continually making one small change at a time. For example, I bought a big jug of vinegar and started making my own cleaning spray from vinegar. One step. Then I decided to stop using the processed cream of soups and make my own. One step. After awhile, I realized all those little steps are slowly adding up to something and I feel better about what I AM doing and not so bad about what I'm NOT doing. Good luck and I can't wait to read more about journey on the green side!

    1. I did start trying out some cleaning yesterday with vinegar and baking soda. It made it easier that I already had everything I needed on hand. You're right, I need to take it one step at a time and focus on one thing. I'm going to keep exploring ways to clean without using chemicals since I've been in spring cleaning mode anyways.